Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you God for Giving us Temidipupo

After going through the journey of pregnancy and child delivery, I just kept on lamenting about the experience. My mum said to me that I would soon forget all the pain and anguish I experienced during delivery. I vehemently told her it was not possible. I maintained that the experience will forever remain fresh on my mind.

Hmmm....Temi is about to be 5months old and I think I can now affirmatively say that the joy of having Temi smile, laugh and 'talk' to me far outweighs the experience of delievery and even the post-delivery stress.

Thank you God for giving us Temidipupo.

Monday, January 12, 2009


When I'm perplexed and do not know any further action to take
When all forms of reason have escaped me and I’m left dry of intelligence
And yet your non-quiet demand can be heard miles away
All because you look to me to decipher your unspoken demands
And you expect that as your mother, I should know all things

But then, I have limitations
I am but as human as the next person to me
I am your mother, yes
But I cannot read into your mind or body system

It is in dire situations such as this that I remind myself
I also have a Father
And because he gave you to me, he knows all about you

And so, I am persuaded to press on
As my father has with Him, all your remedies.

Monday, January 5, 2009

On my Way to Being a Mum

Right now I’m here reminiscing on my childhood
Imagining the thing I thought of my mum 
The great things and then the not so kind things as well
How at times I thought she was a good mum 
And how at other times,
I had thought to myself she was the last person I wanted to see or hear from

In the course of my reminiscing, I have also realised that as human beings,
It’s very easy to only remember the bad times
While we sweep all the uneventful good times under a carpet

It is now that I realize my mum was not on ordinary mum
And she was never a bad mum either
Listening to childhood tales of other people have opened my eyes
And I realized great mums like her are not all over the place

She loved me so much that today, i talk to her freely about anything
And my life is straightened today because she balanced her love with discipline
She always made herself visible at all important events
So everyone knew...oh that’s her mum o’er there

Now, I’m about to begin my own sojourn as a mum
I don’t know what to expect nor do I have inkling on the process
I don’t know if I can be half as good as my mum
I don’t know if my child would turn out to be an attentive or confronting person
I have so many unresolved heart ponderings
And loads more questions

However, I have set within me to lay it to rest
Cos I have at my side the One who has displayed the best a mother can be
And has promised the love of a mother beyond what a mother can do
Though he be addressed ‘He’, I have chosen
To learn, observe and acquire wisdom at His feet
That I may walk in His motherly way
And ultimately be the best mum ever to the peculiar child He is giving to me

*I wrote this poem while I was pregnant on one of those third trimester nights when I could not sleep. 

Iyababy's Intro

Hi everyone. I promised myself I was going to start another blog on Motherhood and here is it!

This thought actually came to me after I had my baby in September, 2008 and I was completely overwhelmed with all my body had to accommodate. Then I realised that all I knew about baby rearing was next to nothing. 

Just like in the words of Paul in the Bible, I will not like to leave you ignorant and that is why I have decided to share my experience with 'you'. I also hope this blog can serve as a sort of forum for:

  • unmarried women interested in getting married
  • pregnant women
  • first time mothers
  • nursing mums
  • older women
  • etc. etc. and
  • M- E- N

Okay, this is my intro and I have to get back to the business of putting up posts. 


Looking forward to a most amazing time on this blog with you guys........:)