Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you God for Giving us Temidipupo

After going through the journey of pregnancy and child delivery, I just kept on lamenting about the experience. My mum said to me that I would soon forget all the pain and anguish I experienced during delivery. I vehemently told her it was not possible. I maintained that the experience will forever remain fresh on my mind.

Hmmm....Temi is about to be 5months old and I think I can now affirmatively say that the joy of having Temi smile, laugh and 'talk' to me far outweighs the experience of delievery and even the post-delivery stress.

Thank you God for giving us Temidipupo.


  1. Oh, what joy to see beautiful mum and baby! Enjoy, for they grow so very fast. Just enjoy Temi's smiles, laughs and talks.