Monday, January 5, 2009

Iyababy's Intro

Hi everyone. I promised myself I was going to start another blog on Motherhood and here is it!

This thought actually came to me after I had my baby in September, 2008 and I was completely overwhelmed with all my body had to accommodate. Then I realised that all I knew about baby rearing was next to nothing. 

Just like in the words of Paul in the Bible, I will not like to leave you ignorant and that is why I have decided to share my experience with 'you'. I also hope this blog can serve as a sort of forum for:

  • unmarried women interested in getting married
  • pregnant women
  • first time mothers
  • nursing mums
  • older women
  • etc. etc. and
  • M- E- N

Okay, this is my intro and I have to get back to the business of putting up posts. 


Looking forward to a most amazing time on this blog with you guys........:)

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